Updated to v1.1.7

We’ve just released a small update to Speech Bubbles for Yarn Spinner! Please enjoy v1.1.0! We really appreciate your support.

  • Speech Bubbles for Yarn Spinner 1.1.7 (1 December 2023)
    • Made the presentation curve of Casual Bubble and Formal Bubble (and, by extension, all of its variants) start at zero, not 0.002. This fixes an issue where bubbles would not completely become invisible when they were dismissed.
    • Fixed an issue where the Bowtangle shape would cause errors to appear in the console if a bubble had zero width or height.
    • Added an option on BubbleDialogueView to pre-cache Bubble objects for every character in the scene.
      • If a character is added after the scene starts, and a bubble is needed, the bubble will be created on-demand.
      • This reduces potential performance hitches when creating a new bubble during dialogue.


Speech Bubbles for Yarn Spinner v1.1.7 (fc16b84a).unitypackage 2 MB
Dec 01, 2023

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