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Yarn Spinner is the narrative tool used in award winning games like Lost in Random, Night in the Woods, A Short Hike, Dredge, Frog Detective Trilogy, Button City, and many more.

"Yarn Spinner transforms interactive storytelling from a chore to a joy." - Ryan North ("MARVEL's Unbeatable Squirrel Girl", "Adventure Time", "Romeo And/Or Juliet")

Yarn Spinner makes it easy to create, localise, and integrate interactive and branching narrative, dialogue, and conversations into your games. With Yarn Spinner, writers can focus on their writing while still being able to direct control over characters, trigger game events, and manage your entire story (and all of its state). Yarn Spinner allows for incredible flexibility at every stage of your game!

Yarn Spinner provides a complete solution, including UIs, localisation, voice-over, and save and load support. You'll receive the full (and fully documented) C# source code. Yarn Spinner is designed to be highly customised and extended to meet the needs of your game.

We also include a large number of sample projects included, which show off the different aspects and features of Yarn Spinner, as well as examples of how to create your own customisations.

Yarn Spinner is the ideal dialogue solution for every member of your team:

For writers:

  • create branching stories
  • minimal syntax screenplay-alike format
  • easy interaction via options
  • graph view for visualising flow
  • use commands for controlling the game
  • easy line metadata via tags

For programmers:

  • full C# source code included
  • full API docs
  • automatic linking of commands to method calls
  • text based story format for easy version control
  • overridable behaviours for customisation

For the team:

  • localisation-first workflow
  • voice-over support
  • import and export of recording voice sheets
  • automatic line tagging

Welcome to Yarn Spinner. We can't wait to see what you've made.

For more details check out the documentation site.

For help and to hang out with fellow Yarn Spinner users please join our Discord.

You can also download Yarn Spinner, which is fully open source, for free, by visiting the documentation and following the instructions. 

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AuthorYarn Spinner
Tagsdialogue, Narrative, storytelling, tool, Twine, Unity, writing, yarn-spinner
Code licenseMIT License
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Get this asset and 2 more for $100.00 USD
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